[XeTeX] Japanese, Chinese, Korean support for Polyglossia

Ryo IGARASHI rigarash at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 02:29:22 CEST 2010


2010/7/26 Gerrit <z0idberg at gmx.de>:
> Thank you for this website. I actually search for information like this for
> a long time.

I am glad to hear that the link can help you.

> Do you happen to know any Japanese book which explains even more (Maybe even
> talking about Chinese and Korean typesetting)?

O'Reilly's "CJKV Information Processing"[1] have sections about typesetting,
written in English (also Japanese translation available[2]) by Dr.
Lunde at Adobe.

In Japanese, the books by "日本エディタースクール(Japan Editor School)[3]" might give you
some help. I am not an typesetting specialist, though...

1. 文字組版入門 4-88888-358-0
Introductory books about typesetting Japanese

2. 文字の組方ルールブック〈ヨコ組編〉 4-88888-312-2
Rule book for typesetting Japanese (horizontal)

3. 文字の組方ルールブック〈タテ組編〉 4-88888-314-9
Rule book for typesetting Japanese (vertical)

4. 日本語表記ルールブック 4-88888-359-9
Rule book for Japanese notation

These books are just 525 yens each, and have only around 80 pages.

[1] http://oreilly.com/catalog/9781565922242/
[2] http://www.oreilly.co.jp/books/4873111080/
[3] http://www.editor.co.jp/

Best regards,
rigarash at gmail.com

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