[XeTeX] lotus linotype and quotation marks

talazem at fastmail.fm talazem at fastmail.fm
Sat Jul 24 15:42:47 CEST 2010

>> Dear all,
>> I'm using XeLaTeX (with memoir, fontspec, & polyglossia). I have typeset my
>> document in Lotus Linotype. The problem is that the quotation marks I have
>> typed in are not appearing in the output. When I switch the font to
>> Scheherazade, the quotation marks appear correctly.
> It is because your font does not contain quotation glyphs.
> Which quotation do you mean? English ones? or Persian ones? I have got a
> modified version of Lotus (MBZ Lotus) that works perfectly but I am not
> allowed to distribute it.

Hello Vafa (and all),

That explains things. I guess I must have gotten accustomed to the english typographer's quotation marks showing up when using word processing software, and thus assuming the quotation glyphs were part of that font. I guess not.

I have since changed the quotation marks to "arab/persian" quotation marks (if that's what they are), and all is well. They look more suitable to the Arabic script anyhow, so all is well. :-)

How is MBZ Lotus any different than the normal commercial Lotus? And is it otherwise available through normally licensing?

Many thanks for the help.

Kind regards,

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