[XeTeX] Fake old-style figures & small-caps with XeTeX?

enrico.gregorio at univr.it enrico.gregorio at univr.it
Fri Jul 23 17:12:38 CEST 2010

> Hi!
> Is it possible to generate fake old-style figures & small
> capitals for fonts missing these glyphs with XeTeX.
> I used to use the mathpoz package that does exactly that,
> but something tells me it's not compatible with XeTeX.

I guess it's the "mathpazo" package, for Palatino. You can
substitute the text font with the TeX Gyre version:

\setmainfont[Numbers=OldStyle]{TeX Gyre Pagella}

With declarations in this order, XeLaTeX should be happy: and indeed it is,
I've tried compiling the documentation of amsmath and all goes well.


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