[XeTeX] Right to left headers in English Document

François Charette firmicus at ankabut.net
Mon Jul 19 10:14:51 CEST 2010

  On 18/07/2010 07:44, Yusuf Mitha wrote:
> Hi.
> Its me with my problems again. Sorry
> I have a problem in typesetting an English Book, the default language
> is English and I have
> \setotherlanguage{arabic}
> Because of this above command, my page headings become RTL even
> thought Arabic is not the Default Language.
I cannot confirm this behaviour with any official CTAN release of polyglossia. Are you 
perhaps using some (outdated) development version from github?

> for Example I have "Chapter 2. Dealing with people" but on the top of
> the page it shows up as
> commenting out the above command puts the chapter back to  LTR. But
> then I can't type Arabic.
> Please Help. Documents Attached

Please always indicate which versions of polyglossia and bidi you are using, or, better, 
include also the log file.

More generally, you can try

1) (if you have fontspec 2.0 installed), to install the latest CTAN release of 
polyglossia: v1.2.0
2) otherwise the latest (unreleased) version of the v1.1.x branch on github: 
3) else with any polyglossia older than v1.2.0 you can also try the package option 
'nolocalmarks' and see if it helps.


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