[XeTeX] Problems splitting double-columns in xetex

Ron Aaron ron at ronware.org
Sun Jul 11 11:43:37 CEST 2010

Hi all -

I am composing a side-by-side translation, where I wish the right column to
be in Hebrew and the left column to be the corresponding English.  I found
that the eplain \doublecolumns does not work very well (I am using xetex,
not xelatex, because I want very fine control over layout).

Getting the text into nice side-by-side columns wasn't too difficult, but
I'm having two problems:

1) When breaking a too-long column (using \vsplit) I am getting some odd
residual ' characters, and I have no idea where they originate.

2) In the two-column mode I am unable to see footnotes.  This puzzles me
but is probably something simple that I am overlooking.

Sample code, resultant PDF showing the problems as well as the log file are


I appreciate any assistance from the TeXperts!

Thank you,

For privacy, my GPG key signature is: AD29415D

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