[XeTeX] xetex-microtype font config files

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu Jul 8 23:21:56 CEST 2010

Am 08.07.2010 um 22:17 schrieb Stephan Hugel:

> The manual also fails to explain how I should be titling the families
> in an xetex-microtype font config file (as an example: in the standard
> microtype font config files (Cf. mt-pad.cfg), ‘pad’ (l. 47) refers to
> the ‘Adobe Garamond’ font.

The "short" TeX font names are regulated by Karl Berry's "font name  
package:" invoke 'texdoc fontname' on the command line. They are  
related to the 7- or 8-bit font encodings available in pdfTeX based  
LaTeX with its TFM and VF and FD and ... font files.

> Thus, the name can be substituted, as xetex-microtype seems to  
> recognise fontspec-compatible font names.

It's rather the fonts' proper names. Similarly LuaTeX can use these  
names as well.

> However, it's not clear what should be substituted for ‘padx’ and  
> ‘padj’ (l.49), if anything.

The meaning of these font name variants is explained in the fontname  
package: the x and j stand for different "experts" encodings, one for  
the rather unfamiliar additional glyphs in a PostScript font, the  
other contains Old Style/non-lining digits or figures (OSF). Since  
XeTeX and LuaTeX use more-than-8-bit Unicode encoded fonts these  
special glyphs are encoded in certain places of the *single* font (TTF  
or OTF) used. Similarly pdfTeX out-sources small-caps into a c variant  
font while OT and TT fonts can provide them internally.

Maybe the microtype documentation needs additions for its XeTeX and  
possible LuaTeX support.

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