[XeTeX] ArabXeTeX requires an Update

Vafa Khalighi vafa at users.berlios.de
Thu Jan 7 10:38:23 CET 2010

As you might know, version 1.0.4 of bidi is now available on CTAN. In this
version bidi does not load any package at all (in previous version amsmath
were loaded by default) and in the previous version there was a requirement
that xltxtra or xunicode should be loaded after bidi. This is also removed
but the new version of bidi checks that some specfic packages are loaded
before bidi and if they are loaded after bidi, you get an error. (Please
refer to the documentation of version 1.0.4 of bidi package).

With this situation, arabxetex loads packages in this order,

\RequirePackage{amsmath}%because of macro \overline used in \aemph

This will not work with new version of bidi and you get error, since you
have loaded packages amsmath and fontspec after bidi. It would be nice to
make an update to arabxetex and change the order as follow:

\RequirePackage{amsmath}%because of macro \overline used in \aemph

Best wishes,
Vafa Khalighi
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