[XeTeX] too many unprocessesed floats

Wilfred van Rooijen wvanrooijen at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 25 00:57:30 CET 2010

Hi Jens,

A very good explanation about the nature of floats and how they are processed can be found in the manual of the memoir class. The file is called "memman.pdf" and should be somewhere in your latex installation.

In short, a float is an empty area whose location is decided by latex after setting the surrounding text paragraphs. If latex cannot find a suitable place for a float, it will append it to a list of "unprocessed floats" which will ultimately all appear on separate pages at the end of the document. If you have more than a certain number of those unprocessed floats, latex will complain.

Thus, the solution is to create more available spaces where floats can be put. In your case, apparently you have very long paragraphs and latex does not know where to reserve space for the notes. By making smaller paragraphs you allow more potential "float locations" and all should be well.

As a rule, you should not use "\\" unless absolutely necessary. Latex sets the text per paragraph, and "\\" will start a new line but not a new paragraph (if I remember correctly) which means that you get very long paragraphs, which are difficult to typeset. Again, I think that the memoir manual has some details about the differences between an empty line, \par, and \\.


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> schrieb Jens Bakker:
> > Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
> > At some point, when I wrote a new marginal note, 
> > I got the following error:
> > 
> > LateX Error: Too many unprocessed floats
> > 
> > See LateX manual or LateX Companion for explanation.
> > 
> > 
> > May anybody know if there could be a solution?
> Well LaTeX can store only a restricted number of floats.
> \marginpar's are floats and you are using a lot of \\ which
> means
> that all \marginpars are in one paragraph and so you are
> overflowing
> the available ressources for floats.
> Solutions are:
> 1.  Divide your text in more but smaller paragraphs,
> that means use
> less  \\ commands and more \par or empty lines. 
> 2. Use the package marginnote and \marginnote instead of
> \marginpar. 
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> Ulrike Fischer 
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