[XeTeX] get xetex to use best fonts

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Feb 21 23:04:35 CET 2010

Am 11.02.2010 um 17:05 schrieb Lon H Mitchell:

> Peter and Ulrike: Thanks for your suggestions.  Apparently the  
> external location feature disables the automatic selection of italic  
> and bold (and perhaps other things like optical sizes?), but I think  
> for an isolated (one-font) problem like mine that's a workable  
> solution.

You could construct the font family yourself à la:


just substitute the one font name definition with the other one. (Here  
a special problem of the fonts is handled, that, that one font  
contains two faces/variants.)

> Ulrike:  I'm using MikTeX 2.8 and have no trouble using the type 1  
> mnsymbol fonts with pdflatex and the minionpro package.  Also, on  
> another computer where I have not installed the minionpro package, I  
> don't encounter the same issue, so I would agree that MikTeX is not  
> at fault, but rather the problem seems to be peculiar to having  
> minionpro installed.  In following the installation instructions
> http://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/fonts/minionpro/README
> could adding
> Map MinionPro.map
> or something else be causing the trouble?

Could be. Xdvipdfmx is reading MAP files (dvipdfm.map). If it were  
possible in MiKTeX to run xdvipdfmx separately you could invoke it  
with -vvv option on the XDV file and whether font substitutions  
happen. They're actually unlikely since the (La)TeX font names differ  
from the real font names.



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