[XeTeX] Package Bidi Error

Vafa Khalighi vafa at users.berlios.de
Sat Feb 20 04:56:48 CET 2010

Your log is incomplete but I can see why this is happening. Your hear.tex

\geometry{ hmargin=2.5cm, vmargin=2cm }

\font\titlefont="KacstFarsi:script=arab" at 48pt

\setmainfont{Lucida Grande}


This is should cause problems, because:

1- you are loading bidi twice, one with RTLdocument option and once without
it. In addition you load several packages after it which you should not do.
bidi should be the last package you load and I put these error messages in
bidi on purpose to disturb faulty usage of the package.

2- Why do you use arabxetex together with polyglossia? Why do not you just

I am sorry but your header.tex is too messy. You need to make it tidy.

Best wishes,
Vafa Khalighi
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