[XeTeX] Issues in using the Book style in Xetex

Wilfred van Rooijen wvanrooijen at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 18 01:11:25 CET 2010


Maybe a real guru knows more but this might give some background info.
> 1- The chapter name is the standard one in Latex, ie
> Chapter 1 so in
> arabic it will be الباب 1. I want latex to print first
> (or الأول),
> second (or الثاني) instead of the numbers 1 , 2 etc
> in the chapter
> name.

In LaTeX to reproduce the visual representation of a value, one uses the counter preceded by \the, thus \thepage gives the present representation of the page number, \thechapter the representation of the chapter number etc.


will turn the chapter numbering into capital Roman numberals (I. II. III.). I don't know if this is available for Arabic, that is something that polyglossia might take care. Otherwise, you'll have to redefine the chapter definition in the book class and introduce a new counter with your chapter numbers. Also, take a look at the memoir class as this might have more options than the standard book class. 

> 2- I have created a new environment called example using
> \newtheoremstyle{example}{12pt}{12pt}{\bfseries}%
> {}{\rmfamily}{:}{\newline}{}
> \theoremstyle{example}
> \newtheorem{example}{$\square$
> \underline{مثال}}[chapter]

Take a look at the \vspace (vertical space command) in combination with the \stretch parameter. Be careful though, manually adding vertical space can introduce strange artifacts, for instance when your new environment is the first item on a new page and still vertically offset by a given amount.

Wilfred van Rooijen 

> But, the problem is that the vertical space between the
> enviroenment
> name (مثال in this case) and typically one line. How
> can I make it
> double lines or more.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Faisal
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