[XeTeX] polyglossia bug(s)

Florian Grammel grammel at gmx.net
Thu Feb 11 17:22:27 CET 2010

Some month ago, I reported the following difficulties with polyglossia 1.0.1. As there wasn't any response back then and as the situation is the same for 1.1.0, I take the liberty of "bumping" the question. Working minimal example below.

a) using font-commands like \textit inside polyglossia's "other language"-commands works as expected. But having e.g. \textfrench{...} *outside* one of these formatings doesn't have any effect on the output.
Babel renders both usages as italics -- so I hoped polyglossia would, too.

b) calling the package "ledpar" in the header of my document I still get the same polyglossia-behaviour as described in a) when changing the language with \text<lang>-command. Strangely enough the \begin{lang}-environment does display italics in both cases, but inserts the language's name and a "]" into the text, where the switch occurs, displaying the error-meassage:

> Package polyglossia Warning: File gloss-[.ldf does not exist!
>  I will nevertheless try to use hyphenation patterns for [. on input line 28.
> ! Missing number, treated as zero.

Are there any chances of getting this fixed or should I keep on using babel for the time being?
Best regards,

\setromanfont{Linux Libertine}



%% calling "ledpar" triggers strange behaviour; "ledpar" requires "ledmac"



%normal tekst \textit{\begin{hyphenrules}{french}texte français\end{hyphenrules}} \begin{hyphenrules}{french}\textit{texte français}\end{hyphenrules}


normal tekst \textit{\textfrench{texte français}} {\textfrench{\textit{texte français}}

normal tekst \textit{\begin{french} texte français\end{french}} \begin{french}\textit{texte français}\end{french}

normal tekst \textit{\textgerman{deutscher Text}} {\textgerman{\textit{deutscher Text}}

normal tekst \textit{\begin{german}deutscher Text\end{german}} \begin{german}\textit{deutscher Text}\end{german}


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