[XeTeX] get xetex to use best fonts

Lon H Mitchell lmitchell2 at vcu.edu
Wed Feb 10 19:08:17 CET 2010

On my system (Windows, MikTeX 2.8), I have Minion Pro fonts installed 
both in open-type and type 1 format, the latter for use with pdflatex 
and mnsymbol.  As a result, when I ask for Minion Pro using xetex and 
fontspec, I get the type 1 fonts.  When using mnsymbol with xetex (and 
mathspec), I get type 3 fonts in the pdf, although the type 1 versions 
work fine with pdflatex.  How can I force xetex, fontspec, and/or 
mnsymbol to use the better versions?


Lon Mitchell

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