[XeTeX] Decorative border around page

Guido Herzog guido_herzog at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 10 10:22:45 CET 2010

Well, let grapes grow downwards:




\parindent 0pt
\hoffset -25mm
\voffset -25mm
\hfuzz   200pt


\font\w = WebOMintsGD at 20pt %% Type1-Font WebOMintsGD.pfb




{\parbox {132mm}{%
More than three thousand years ago, small groups of semi-nomadic peoples
crossed the mountain regions that separate Central Asia from Iran and the
subcontinent of India. They spoke an Indo-European language, which developed
into Vedic, and imported the rudiments of a social and ritual system. Like
other speakers of Indo-European languages, they celebrated fire, called
Agni, and like their Iranian relatives, they adopted the cult of Soma -- a
plant, probably hallucinogenic, which grew in the high mountains. The
interaction between these Central-Asian adventurers and earlier inhabitants
of the Indian subcontinent gave birth to Vedic civilization, named after the
four Vedas, oral compositions that have been transmitted by word of mouth to
the present day. The Vedas depict Vedic religion, in the words of Louis
Renou (1953:29), as ``first and foremost a liturgy, and only secondarily a
mythological or speculative system.''


%%\input transforms.def
% rotate about the center
  \dimen0=\ht0 \advance\dimen0 by -\dp0
  \raise0.5\dimen0\hbox{\special{x:gsave}\special{x:rotate #2}}}%
  \box0 \special{x:grestore}}}


\def\j{\crotate{\w j}{180}}   %% let grapes grow downwards
\def\k{\crotate{\w k}{180}}
\def\i{\crotate{\w i}{180}}
\def\l{\crotate{\w l}{180}}


font {\w} [0pt]
(a) ([f\\g]f) (b)
(a) ([f\\g]f) (b)%



Guido Herzog



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> Guido Herzog wrote:
> > It's much simplier:
> Thanks for the sample, Guido --- it seems rather XeTeX-like, whereas I'm 
> more familiar with XeLaTeX and memoir class.
> Of course, when I used it I needed a special paper size (a card) and I 
> prefer the vine to look natural ... grapes grow downwards!
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