[XeTeX] [SOLVED] Segmentation fault error in xdvipdfmx 0.7.8 with CharisSIL 4.106

Benct Philip Jonsson bpj at melroch.se
Wed Feb 3 10:43:20 CET 2010

On 2010-02-02 Wilfred van Rooijen wrote:
> Segmentation fault: as far as I know, this basically means that
> an application is trying to use a part of the memory it was not
> assigned. This can happen if arrays are indexed erroneously,
> for instance. In this case, assuming the application is OK, the
> font could be damaged for whatever reason, or you may have a
> bad memory.

Is it likely that the error was not with the font being damaged
when it affected only one font when used in one program?  Wouldn't
I notice in a lot of ways if the memory were damaged?

I have solved the problem, by any or all of the following:
erasing all copies of CharisSIL font files and archives on my 
system, of which there turned out to be only one each,
thereafter downloading a fresh copy of the font files from
the SIL site, unpacking and installing it -- for the third time!
-- then running fc-cache -f (where -f probably is the operative 
thing which I wasn't aware of previously).  Another factor also
came to my memory: last week I opened the CharisSIL-Regular font 
file with FontForge to check out some glyph variants.  Is it
possible that I damaged the file when doing so?  It seems clear
the font file, or the fc-cache data on it, was damaged in some
way.  Although the problem is now gone I wish I knew what it was,
so that I (or someone else) will not repeat it.

Thanks for taking the time, George and Wilfred.


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