[XeTeX] Auto Font and Language Package in XeTeX

Yves Codet yves.codet at sfr.fr
Mon Dec 20 17:13:50 CET 2010


I couldn't try your package, both links seem to be broken but I found the documentation here:
According to what I read, if I want to use polyglossia to load hyphenation patterns, I can say:
But how can I do if I want to use the \textsanskrit{one_word_in_Sanskrit} command?

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Le 20 déc. 2010 à 12:17, Michiel Kamermans a écrit :

> Alright, I finished the ucharclasses package at least to a functional degree, with the project page for it at http://projects.nihongoresources.com/xelatex/ucharclasses (it's been submitted to CTAN, so once it's in the listing it'll be nice and easy to grab).
> If anyone has any improvement requests (either functionally or codewise), I'm all ears. Or eyes. whichever works best, really.
> Incidentally, does anyone know whether there is a LuaTeX version of the XeTeXintercharclass behaviour that would let this package be rewritten for LuaTeX with minimal effort?
> - Mike "Pomax" Kamermans
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