[XeTeX] XeTeX documentation? (from "Checking if a font exists")

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I guess that in the Closed Source community you get a similar answer, it is just that __nobody__ outside those directly involved knows about it :-)) I have complained before on this list about the (scientific) community in which I am involved, where manuals are often outdated, or too short ("Card 25 FORMAT 8i3 EXPANDA options" - no word what the EXPANDA options are or what they do for you....). I have often thought that it should be made mandatory to allow at least 25% of the budget of software development to be spent on the manual (I guess for most open source projects 25% of 0 is still 0). I can totally see how it works on the managerial level: "No, you don't get money to write manuals. You get money to write codes. Besides, nobody uses the software outside of our lab." "Yes, but if we write a manual, more people can use the code, and that will ultimately improve our knowledge, the quality of the code and our relationship with other research
 establishments." "Certainly, but nobody uses our code." "Because there is no manual." "But if nobody uses the code, who needs a manual?" ;-))


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you know what happens when you ask questions like the in the opensouce community ?
you get answers like:
 When you finish making one please send us all a copy.


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I'm surprised no-one has suggested the straightforward, pure-xetex approach: something along these lines (untested).....


Nice... I didn't know there was a \nullfont command for checking against.

That does bring up a question though: is there a comprehensive pdf document or web page that describes the various commands available in XeTeX to make life easier? TeX has the TeX book and TeX by Topic, LaTeX has fairly large number of publications dedicated to it, where might one find something similar for XeTeX? (and if possible, can it be linked to from the SIL XeTeX page so it's easy to find?)

- Mike "Pomax" Kamermans



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