[XeTeX] XeTeX documentation? (from "Checking if a font exists")

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you know what happens when you ask questions like the in the opensouce
community ?
you get answers like:
 When you finish making one please send us all a copy.


On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 2:14 PM, Michiel Kamermans <
pomax at nihongoresources.com> wrote:

> Jonathan,
>  I'm surprised no-one has suggested the straightforward, pure-xetex
>> approach: something along these lines (untested).....
>> [snip]
> Nice... I didn't know there was a \nullfont command for checking against.
> That does bring up a question though: is there a comprehensive pdf document
> or web page that describes the various commands available in XeTeX to make
> life easier? TeX has the TeX book and TeX by Topic, LaTeX has fairly large
> number of publications dedicated to it, where might one find something
> similar for XeTeX? (and if possible, can it be linked to from the SIL XeTeX
> page so it's easy to find?)
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