[XeTeX] Converting from arabtex to arabxetex

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Wed Aug 18 14:55:55 CEST 2010


I am attempting to make a Perl script that takes in Arabic text in code page
6 (just glancing at it, I see an ascii range of C7 to ED) and converts it
out into Arabic script in a pdf document. I had the code working almost
completely with just LaTeX and arabtex, but the Arabic output was left to
right and was not connecting the script into words. After a bit of research,
I decided to try xetex and arabxetex. However, now my code comes directly
out as the Latin characters, instead of being translated. I assume this is
because xetex assumes input in utf-8 (I think?), where latex assumed
something else. It does now format right to left, at least at a sentence

Rather than posting the script, here's an example of a tex file it's

%arabic text goes here. I can't provide an example, sorry. I know that's
less than helpful.

So my question is, how do I get xetex to understand I want the code page 6
input to become arabic output? I attempting to give it every
\usepackage[]{inputenc} option I found to no avail.

Alternatively, if someone is very familiar with the arabtex problem I
mentioned and knows a solution with that, I'm open to that way of solving as

Thank you all,
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