[XeTeX] OldStyle Numbers not changeable to Lining Numbers

M. Niedermair m_g_n at gmx.de
Wed Aug 18 11:54:01 CEST 2010

Hi Will,

>> \newfontfamily\libertineX[Mapping=tex-text,
>>                            RawFeature=+liga% ;+pnum
>>                           ]{Linux Libertine O}
>> ...
>> You can change the rawfeature as you like.
>> smcp, frac, hlig, dlig, lnum, pnum, zero, ...
> While there's nothing wrong with this, I'll just point out that these 
> are all equivalent to fontspec features such as Ligatures=Common, 
> Numbers=Lining, and so on.
> There's no error checking on the raw features (yet), which is the main 
> reason I recommend using the fontspec features, but I also find the 
> OpenType features harder to remember. Whichever you're more comfortable 
> with, though.

I prefere the raw feature. :-)
So I can display the otf feature of the font width a litle script and I 
can use such features a la ss03, ss06 and so on.
Is there a way to display with fontspec all supported features of a 
special font?

Are all standard otf feature mapped to fontspec-parameters?


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