[XeTeX] xelatex, texshop, Chinese question marks

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If I use Kochi Mincho (a font for Japanese), the first two characters show up correctly. The last character is Chinese-only. Judging from your post, I think the font that you are using (STkai) does not have glyphs for the characters you are requesting. So you should try another font. I am sure that there are OTF fonts available through the web for testing. For example, the code2000 font covers almost all unicode characters.


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Subject: [XeTeX] xelatex, texshop, Chinese question marks
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I am trying to get Chinese in my xelatex document.  Based on the
instructions I've found here:
http://www.reed.edu/cis/help/LaTeX/language.html#cjk, I am using the
following sourcecode:




Some plain old text. And now, some Chinese: {\fontspec{STKai} 你好吗}.


The document compiles with no errors, but the PDF displays question
marks instead of Chinese characters.  I would greatly appreciate any
suggestions anyone has.

Thanks so much,



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