[XeTeX] \botmark and \firstmark not working for me ...

John Was john.was at ntlworld.com
Sun Aug 1 11:30:38 CEST 2010

If you have got to a point where everything works except that the right-hand 
side has slipped to a measurable extent (viz. the height plus depth of the 
left-hand side), then you could measure the left-hand side as an initial 
operation, store that measurement, and start the right-hand side with 
\vskip -\themeasuredamount before setting the Hebrew.

Of course these things tend to get ever more complex (and then someone comes 
along with a neat solution), but TeX isn't particularly slowed up (usually) 
by making rather difficult calculations even if they are frequent, and all 
the nitty-gritty would be packed away in a macro.


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> Ron Aaron wrote:
>> Well, when I do an "unvbox" on the vtop which has the marks, it does work
>> (that is, the marks are visible on the page).
>> The problem though is that totally screws up the layout :(
> Yes, that is to be expected, because of TeX's modes.  I wonder
> whether the solution might lie in \vsplit ?  As you can take
> a copy of your boxes, and then vsplit them, you might be
> able to gain access to your marks that way : you would use
> \box within your \line (to avoid problems with accidentally
> changing mode) and access the marks through a vsplit copy
> of the box{es} -- what do you think ?
> ** Phil.
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