[XeTeX] Arabic fonts and ligatures after migrating machine

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Thu Apr 29 10:49:08 CEST 2010

Am Thu, 29 Apr 2010 08:47:38 +0200 schrieb Manuel Souto Pico:

> Dear all,
> After migranting to a new machine and copying all files and installing
> Tex Live again, I find that when I try to typeset (in
> TexShop) some documents that I had in Arabic, ligatures stop working.
> I use Mac OS X 10.6.3.
> The font I use is Scheherazade. I copied the file
> ScheherazadeRegAAT.ttf in /System/Library/Fonts (although it doesn't
> appear in the Font Book, I don't know why).

I don't have Mac OS but Windows and miktex, so I don't know how
fonts are installed in your OS but you should surely try to find it
out. If you system can't find the font xetex will probably have
problems too.

> My minimal example is:

> (...)
> ! Font \@tempfontb=Scheherazade/ICU at 10.0pt not loadable: Metric
> (TFM) file or installed font not found.

This means the font is not found. Either because it is not correctly
installed, or because (at least in miktex this could be the case)
you have to update the font cache with fc-cache -f first, or because
the name or the font file you used is wrong (on my pc "Scheherazade"
works fine but loads ScheherazadeRegOT.ttf). 

Ulrike Fischer 

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