[XeTeX] XeTeX Digest, Vol 73, Issue 7

Fr. Michael Gilmary FrMichaelGilmary at MaroniteMonks.org
Thu Apr 8 16:58:31 CEST 2010

Brian Wilson wrote:
> Thank you Fr. Michael.
> I ran your suggestion and it worked beautifully.  Then I tried to adapt your
> code to a file that I already had and it fell apart. One permutation of my
> code had only the first number turning gray. I have changed some things and
> after an hour of fiddling, can't get it to compile at all. (I am using the
> xelatex command as I will be using this with a Lao document.)

Some of the errors for me were some line breaks inserted in your 
comments --- so part of a comment was considered text. But that's minor.

The main problem I found was with grouping your use of the 
\textsuperscript in the \graynumbers command. You have:

> \newcommand\graynumbers[1]{\textsuperscript\graytext{#1}}

Where it works with:


\textsuperscript didn't get its argument grouped, so it stopped.

As for the font size of the main font, etc., /one/ way (maybe not the 
exact control you're looking for) is to load the font size globally in 
the option for the documentclass:


Then, you have to either scale the other font sizes with fontspec option 
[Scale=MatchLowercase] or whatever --- see the fontspec documentation.

I'm not familiar with the XeTeX (or LaTeX)way of loading a font where 
you can specify a size to load ... someone else can help you there, I'm 
sure (I'd be happy to know, too!)


United in adoration of Jesus, 

fr. michael gilmary, mma

Most Holy Trinity Monastery
67 Dugway Road
Petersham, MA 01366-9725


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