[XeTeX] Embed and play sound/move files in PDF

Andy Black andy_black at sil.org
Mon Apr 5 17:16:28 CEST 2010


In the XSL-FO world, RenderX's XEP tool recently provided a way to do 
the following with a "media object" file (e.g. sound or movie):

1. Embed the media file in the PDF.
2. Present a "play button" icon to the user, using the width and height 
specified by the media object command.
3. Play the media file when the user clicks on the "play button."  (The 
"play button" then becomes the control used by the software that plays 
the media file.)

 From what I can tell, XeTeX does not offer anything similar.  Is that 
correct or is there a way to do this?



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