[XeTeX] Devanagari Ligature Problem Resolved --- Now Hyphenation

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Wed Sep 30 09:08:14 CEST 2009


Le 29 sept. 09 à 22:12, Neal Delmonico a écrit :

> Thanks for the suggestions.  It looks like I am up to date with  
> MikTeX (2.8 and I regularly run update).  My gloss-sanskrit.ldf is  
> dated 1/23/2009, too.  If the way I have the preamble set up is  
> right, then it should work.  But for some reason the no Sanskrit  
> hyphenation patterns load.  Maybe I will try TeX Live 2009 and see  
> if that solves the problem.

You must tell Polyglossia what is in Sanskrit. This modified version  
of the original file works by me (with TeX Live 2008):





\setmainfont[]{Gentium Basic}



sanskrit]{Nakula} % this defines a Sanskrit font which Polyglossia  
will use in a Sanskrit environment
\newcommand{\dev}[1]{{\begin{sanskrit}\large #1\end{sanskrit}}} % this  
says that the text enclosed in \dev{} is in Sanskrit





anyaabhilaa.sitaa"suunya.m j~naanakarmaadyanaav.rtam|\\
aanukuulyena k.r.s.naanu"siilana.m bhaktiruttamaa||


\noindent asyaartha.h---anyaabhilaa.saj~naanakarmaadirahitaa
"sriik.r.s.namuddi"syaanukulyena kaayavaa"nmanobhiryaavatii kriyaa saa
bhakti.h|| 1||



The \textwidth=5cm is only to get more hyphenations. Incidentally, you  
don't need to load bidi if your text is in English and Sanskrit.

Best wishes,


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