[XeTeX] polyglossia and hebrew: arabic numerals and hyphenation

François Charette firmicus at ankabut.net
Tue Sep 29 11:35:31 CEST 2009

Vafa Khalighi a écrit :
> I do not know about polyglossia but in v1.0.3 of bidi amsmath is
> loaded by default and xunicode (if desired to be loaded) should be
> loaded after bidi. But I was not happy this so if you try experimental
> v1.0.4 all of these have been removed and bidi does not load any
> package at all. It seems that polyglossia loads too many packages and
> that is not good.

Sorry Vafa, but the above statement is incorrect.

Polyglossia only requires etoolbox and fontspec by default. xunicode and
xltxtra are not and have never been requirements. If you use an RTL
language, polyglossia also requires bidi, of course. What's "not good"
about that?

I understand that newer versions of bidi patch many other packages, so
it should be loaded as late as possible. On the other hand, I don't see
why it should not be possible to have
in a standard package for XeLaTeX.

In any case, I have downloaded your latest version 1.0.4 and will
perform a series of tests with polyglossia. I'll contact you offlist if
I encounter any issue.


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