[XeTeX] odd dots in math when using russian for math

Imposeren y at imposed.org.ua
Mon Sep 28 16:40:12 CEST 2009

about formulas in russian math.

we have another less-,greate-equals sign:
\def\leq{\leqslant} %

Decimal delimiter is comma
5,5 = 5+1/2

Cotangent and tangent are written as:
ctg(x) tg(x)
Braces are sometimes optional
Hyperbolic: htg, hctg

When formula must be splitted, it's splitted on one of next operators
"+ - = < > \leq \geq : " (on ":" if it's division)

Limits of integral AFAIK are always written using limits way ($$ \int
\limits_a^b $$)

I'll write latter if remember something

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