[XeTeX] Devanagari Ligature Problem

Neal Delmonico ndelmonico at sbcglobal.net
Fri Sep 25 01:21:06 CEST 2009


I am new to XeTeX though I have been working with LaTeX using the 
Devanagari and Sanskrit packages for years. Recently I decided to see 
what Unicode and XeTeX is about and after some struggle have managed to 
set up a document using both Devanagari and English that looks great, 
with one small exception, I can't get the j + n combination to work. 
Since I am used to the Velthuis system of typing in Devanagari, I start 
with the Velthuis system and use mapping of the text with velthuis.tec. 
It works great again with this one exception. In the Velthuis system the 
j~na combo is turned into ज्ञ . But now the result is j with halanta, a 
space, and a dental n. I have tried various fonts but always with the 
same result. Any suggestions?

Here is my preamble:





\setmainfont[]{Gentium Basic}




And here is the input text:

{\dev \large


anyaabhilaa.sitaa"suunya.m j~naanakarmaadyanaav.rtam|\\

aanukuulyena k.r.s.naanu"siilana.m bhaktiruttamaa||


\noindent asyaartha.h---anyaabhilaa.saj~naanakarmaadirahitaa

"sriik.r.s.namuddi"syaanukulyena kaaya\-vaa"n\-manobhiryaavatii kriyaa saa

bhakti.h|| 1||




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