[XeTeX] Trouble with displaying word containing 3 conjunct consonants in Devanagari

Tomoyuki Kono tomoyuki.kono at wolfson.ox.ac.uk
Sun Sep 20 21:30:10 CEST 2009


> I am not aware of any applications on the mac that can print the
> desired form. Does this mean I cannot get xetex to print this conjunct
> form at all? In response to one of my previous posts, Jon pointed out
> that even though it is not possible to print the conjunct form of my
> choice using the Devanagari qwerty keyboard, using the Additional
> Conjuncts option of the devanagari font would display the conjunct in
> the generated pdf (e.g ङ् + ग). I was hoping that the same  
> method
> would help achieve the final form I was looking for.

You can produce the conjunct in the pdf by typing   
सङ्ख्य{\XeTeXglyph414} (assuming you are using Devanagari  
MT). This is inelegant but at least it seems to work. In my very  
limited experience of typesetting Sanskrit text in devanagari, I have  
only had to generate three or four conjuncts in this manner, so on the  
whole it's tolerable. But others may have better suggestions.


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