[XeTeX] color some Hebrew vowels

Lorenz Haas lorenz at lorenz-haas.de
Fri Sep 18 18:59:03 CEST 2009


I want to color several letters and vowels in Hebrew therefore I have defined 
some shorthands:

\newfontface\HebFont[Mapping=tex-text,Script=Hebrew]{SBL Hebrew}
\newcommand{\he}[1]{{\RL\HebFont #1}}
\he{ל\hem{וֹ}מ\hem{ֵ}ד} % this is "lomed" with וֹ and ֵ   colored.

With that definition of \hem the vowels are places correctly but as soon I add 
the "color option", the vowels shift leftward:


How can I prevent that and also that only the vowel or letter are colored?

Any hints are welcome, thanks

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