[XeTeX] Combining consonant with elongated r vowel (ऋ) in Devanagari using Mac

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sun Sep 13 21:17:09 CEST 2009

Hello Ravi,

On 14/09/2009, at 1:07 AM, Ravi Parimi wrote:

> I was indeed looking to type तॄ using qwerty keys but didn't  
> know how
> to. I find that the qwerty keyboard provided by mac is limited in many
> ways (e.g unable to type conjunct consonants, all combinations of
> consonants+vowels not available etc.). I'd like to use xelatex for
> creating my document, but am stifled by the set of characters that are
> present in Mac. Do you have any other suggestions?

Bring up the "Characters" palette on the Mac.
There are various ways to do this; e.g. click the language flag
in the righthand end of the top menu bar, and select
    "Show Character Palette"
Not only does this show all the possible Unicode characters,
in all the fonts on your Mac., but you can use this as an input
mechanism to insert those characters into any document in any
another window. (It takes a bit of practice to get this working.)

There are other software tools that can also do this,
but the Character Palette is part of the Mac OS X,
so you must have it already.

> Thanks,
> Ravi

Hope this helps,


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