[XeTeX] xeCJK not allowing to use other font with \fontspec{fontname}

Clemente Beghi clementelavoratori at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 13 18:10:13 CEST 2009

I am using Lyx with XeTex but somehow some fonts are not displayed
correctly. I am using mainly a mixture of Roman characters and East Asian
ideograms but what is not showing on the result pdf are some random Indic
I think I can refer the problem to the fact that I use the XeCJK package to
automatically distinguish between Roman and East Asian fonts and when it
finds some utf code referring to the Indic font it considers it as being
East Asian. Can I stop XeCJK (loaded in the preamble) only where the Indic
characters are present?
I attached in latex  community forum the examples with and without xeCJK: in
the first case I get the East Asian character but not the Indic ones, in the
second the opposite (.lyx are renamed to .tex to avoid the forum filters,
but they are actually almost identical)

Ps. here is a link to my post on the latex community forum, with a link to
the examples:
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