[XeTeX] Font problem with publisher --- help!!!

Juan Acevedo juan.acevedo at gmx.net
Fri Sep 11 12:12:35 CEST 2009

Hi Nicolas

I do not think Illustrator would be able to handle a PDF produced with  
pfb fonts under pdfTeX, but this sounds as if your publisher wants to  
do something unnecessary to your PDF. It is safer if they let you make  
any modification needed. If they just want to print the book,  
Illustrator is not needed; probably only some "ripping" software, as  
an intermediary between your printable file and the press, and as far  
as I know this is only problematic if either:
1-Not all your fonts show as "embedded" when checking with Acrobat,
2-The person using the ripping software does not know very well what  
is doing.

Are you merging into one single pdf file the two files you have  
produced (XeLaTeX and LaTeX)? Checking fonts embedding and the  
integrity of such final pdf should be done again after merging the  
separate pdfs.

Good luck,

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> Dear Ross,
> Thanks for your reply.
> The problem persists, though. I think my publisher is trying to open  
> the PDF
> in Adobe Illustrator, in order to do something with the text block  
> (don't
> know why!). But when he tries to do that, AI reports that KP-etc.  
> fonts are
> not available. And they aren't available to the OS (and to AI) since  
> they
> are LaTeX fonts only.
> Any ideas?
> Best wishes,
> Nicolas

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