[XeTeX] Kashida option for polyglossia or bidi?

Vafa Khalighi vafa at users.berlios.de
Tue Sep 1 03:42:47 CEST 2009

I think this is actually off the topic, because the actual question was "if
there is any Kashida algorithm, then where should it be?", my answer to that
is "polyglossia".

To answer to Khaled and others:

I agree that the Kasida hack Jonathan provided is not perfect, but what do
we call a Perfect Kashida? I am afraid, there is no complete standard rule
that states how Perfect Kashida should be done.  If you look at Persian
computing discussion, we talked about hyphenation and Kashida in Persian
typography and a number of us believe that we should have a combination of
hyphenation and Kashida for Persian. I am Persian not Arab, so I do not know
about Arabic typography but in Persian we could have hyphenation as well for
example the word شناگر can be broken into شنا and گر . Now doing any of
these (either Persian hyphenation or Persian Kashida) is difficult partially
because There is no such standadrd rule for Persian hyphenation and Persian
Kashida and partially because implementing Perfect persian hyphenation and
Persian Kashida is a tedious task. But it is not impossible, honestly who
has got the time to sit down and takes care of every single detail? But of
course we should have some support for Persian hyphenation and Persian
Kashida that is quite acceptable. Ahmad YazdiPour had done Kashida quite
well, so if anyone of you are interested, then you can look at TeX-e-Parsi's
source code.

Best wishes,
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