[XeTeX] Tabular spanning columns

Karljurgen Feuerherm kfeuerherm at wlu.ca
Mon Oct 26 18:09:06 CET 2009

I'm typesetting the Code of Hammurapi for my class. It features very
long columns which should be formatted in newspaper style (get to bottom
of page, start at top of next column; repeat on subsequent pages as
Evidently tabular won't wrap across columns, and I'd prefer for obvious
reasons not to have to insert manual breaks.
What's my best/simplest bet for doing this? Current code below (the
cuneiform won't show up of course unless you have an appropriate font).
Sample of what it looks like attached (assuming attachments get
(Side-bonus: if the empty first box--above "26" and to the left of "§1"
could not have borders, and likewise below, that would be nice too.)
   \section{Column 5}
     \mbox{} & \hfil\begin{turn}{90}{§1}\end{turn}\hfil \\
     \begin{turn}{90}{26}\end{turn} & \LARGE{  } \\
     \begin{turn}{90}{27}\end{turn} & \LARGE{} \\
     \begin{turn}{90}{28}\end{turn} & \LARGE{ } \\
     \begin{turn}{90}{29}\end{turn} & \LARGE{} \\
     \begin{turn}{90}{30}\end{turn} & \LARGE{ } \\
     \begin{turn}{90}{31}\end{turn} & \LARGE{} \\
     \begin{turn}{90}{32}\end{turn} & \LARGE{} \\
     % For demo purposes, the above is repeated several times here....
cut for email.

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