[XeTeX] XeLatex + Unicode + Footnote issue

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Fri Mar 20 15:00:28 CET 2009

Am Fri, 20 Mar 2009 19:19:58 +0530 schrieb Sreenivasa Guttal:

>>>>> However, MakePerPage (which is supposed to start the footnote number
>>>>> from 1 every page doesn't work).

>>> The problem persists in English environment also. I have attached the
>>> files.

>> Use the following:
>> \usepackage{bigfoot}
>> \DeclareNewFootnote[para]{default}
>> \MakePerPage{footnotedefault}
>> If you use it with you example you will perhaps see that the numbers
>> still aren't correct. The footnote counter is reset, but not at the
>> top of the page. And in the log-file there is a "label has changed
>> message".
>> This can happen when a footnote falls near the page boundary and
>> change the page at each run. In your example with lots of footnotes
>> in one paragraph it happens easily, in a normal text it shouldn't
>> happen often.

> I still see the problem after the above change (i.e from default to
> footnotedefault in MakePerPage).

There should be a difference. With default the footnotes are simply
numbered consecutively, while with footnotedefault somewhere on the
second page the numbering should restart with one. 

And yes, I know that the first footnote on the second page doesn't
have the number one. That's because there is the loop I described

Ulrike Fischer 

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