[XeTeX] Sanskrit Typesetting

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Thu Mar 19 09:56:25 CET 2009


Le 19 mars 09 à 03:23, chandrasekhar s a écrit :

> I am using MikTex in Windows and i have downloaded the Devanagari  
> package. Could you please give me the command line arguement to  
> start using sanskrit...Because when i typed its not working  
> properly...

I suppose you mean the "devnag" package (there's another package for  
Sanskrit, Wikner's one). If I remember well, the preprocessor is  
named "devnag" so the command should be something like:
	devnag myFile.dn
(you can probably omit the suffix .dn), which will create a  

Incidentally, if you use the "devnag" package you don't need XeTeX,  
simply use the standard TeX. If you use XeTeX you don't need the  
"devnag" package, simply write Sanskrit directly in Devanagari.

Best wishes,


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