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: 'Unicode-based TeX for Mac OS X and other platforms'
: Re: [XeTeX] Unicode space characters
>> Thanks. If you make a package for this, it might be good to support a  
>> more complete set of the various fixed-width "space" characters from  
>> the U+200x row;
>  Agreed.  It would be straightforward and coherent.  And let's not
>forget the narrow no-break space, U+202F :-)
>  Incidentally, I'm not sure we want to mess with the zero-width non
>joiner, given its importance in Indic scripts.  It seems to me that
>processing it as a macro would do more harm than good in these
>scenarios, and that we had better let the font take care of it.  For its
>uses in other contexts (in particular Persian, as I understand it), the
>definition proposed by Tomáš is probably the right one, but for Indic
>scripts it really seems dangerous to not handle it as a plain character.
>> One question to think about is what they should do if they occur in  
>> vertical mode; should they act like "printable" characters,  
>> automatically starting a paragraph, or should they act like spaces and  
>> simply disappear?
>  Interesting point.  I have absolutely no opinion about that :-)
>	Arthur
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