[XeTeX] cannot get Hoefler text to work with XeTeX

Fr. Michael Gilmary FrMichaelGilmary at MaroniteMonks.org
Wed Mar 18 17:59:38 CET 2009

David E. Thiel wrote:

> Argh, so *that's* why I never got that to work. I had to make new a new
> font family that just used lining numbers. What's the proper way to
> access the lining number glyphs from LaTeX in the default Hoefler Text?

If you're using Xe(La)TeX on Mac OS X, then you can find the glyph IDs 
with the character palette and input using \XeTeXglyph<number>. For 
example, to type out the current year, 2009:

\XeTeXglyph317 \XeTeXglyph315 \XeTeXglyph315 \XeTeXglyph324

However, this is a very bulky and non-portable way to get lining 
numbers. It seems to be *one* of the problems with Hoefler Text.

I'm not sure what to do if you're on another operating system.

Hope that helps.

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