[XeTeX] ArabXeTeX: Alif Maqsura

Tilman Hannemann tilmanh at uni-bremen.de
Sun Mar 15 22:26:38 CET 2009

Alas, it is still not the same here. And when I change your fourth  
line into


the sukkun appears only within ArabXeTeX. So, the error is probably  
not related to the font.


Am 15.03.2009 um 22:03 schrieb Fr. Michael Gilmary:

> Well, can you try this (if you have the font Al Bayan on your Mac)?
> There's no sukkun for me in either example.
> \documentclass{minimal}
> \usepackage{xltxtra}
> \newfontfamily{\arabicfont}[Script=Arabic,Scale=1.7]{Scheherazade}
> \newfontfamily\Arabic[Scale=1.3]{Al Bayan}
> \usepackage{arabxetex}
> \begin{document}
> \textarab[fullvoc]{`al_A}
> \Arabic{عَلَى}
> \end{document}

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