[XeTeX] Sanskrit hyphenation with XeLatex

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On the issue with MS Word - where the font does not possess italic, bold, bold italic, Word will artificially generate a pseudo-version of these from the basic roman.  Am I right in thinking that TeXLive 2008 has something similar built in?  I seem to recall it in a discussion thread.


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    Le 12 mars 09 à 18:57, Sreenivasa Guttal a écrit :

    > 1. \textbf{     } - Does NOT make Sanskrit characters BOLD.

    If you use Sanskrit 2003, as in your test file, it has no bold face,
    that is why.

  I see this issue with Nakula fonts too. [Interestingly, if we use Sanskrit 2003 in MS Word, BOLD does work.]
  The same is true for \textit also.

  Am I missing something here?

  Another observation.
  When there \footnote is preceding a word (without space), that word does not get hyphenated.



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