[XeTeX] Colored Arabic in Tables

Tilman Hannemann tilmanh at uni-bremen.de
Wed Mar 11 17:06:52 CET 2009

Dear Pete,

Am 11.03.2009 um 16:04 schrieb Peter Dyballa:

> I don't understand what you try to describe.

If you refer to the reason for all these sorts of weird behavior you  
have found in your experiments, we have something in common ;-)

If not:

- 1 is a color change inside tabularx with vocalized text
- 2 should be non-colored and non vocalized arabxetex input. It is  
not colored, but vocalized.
- 3 should be non-colored and non vocalized utf8 input. Same problem  
as 2.

> ...

> The way you select a colour is OK, and it
> was found that the usual LaTeX colour packages don't work correctly
> in a right to left writing environment.

Yes, I understood from previous postings as well as from the bidi  
manual that I should avoid the textcolor command.

> By experimenting I found that when I add your "external" text inside
> the tabularx environment, no matter whether on the one line or as
> additional lines, the "accents" go away.

Inside the tabularx environment, everything happens as it should be.  
The change takes effect after tabularx.

> And when I exchange the
> coloured line with one of the two others, then no colour is
> established outside the tabularx environment.

Looks like font attributes established in tabularx somehow overwrite  
the font feature change afterwards?

> But the colour returns
> when I put one of the two other lines as substitute into the tabularx
> environment – now no "accents" are visible!
> IMO opinion it has to do with arabxetex.

Well, surely with the way arabxetex interacts with tabularx or array,  
as François already suggested. Still, I fail to see the logic behind  
these unexpected changes.

Best, Tilman

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