[XeTeX] xdv to rtf, docx, or OpenOffice?

Tara Andrews tla at mit.edu
Mon Mar 9 00:01:34 CET 2009

[Replying off-list since it's not really relevant to xetex...]

On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 6:44 PM, Mike Maxwell <maxwell at umiacs.umd.edu> wrote:

> I use MsWord all the time (both 2003 and, to my distaste, 2007), and
> have never run into a problem with inputting characters, much less the
> ASCII '['.  I'm not going to try to convert anyone to Word (I wouldn't
> be on this list if I thought it was the complete answer), but the
> problems you're having with it don't sound to me like they're caused by
> Word.

I'm using Word 2008 for Mac.  When I launch Word, and only within
Word, the keymap changes itself to French, my command keys re-map
themselves to AZERTY, and my [ key acts like an up-arrow key (but the
] key is fine.)  It's clearly some bizarre misconfiguration deep
within Word, and since I installed it pretty much out of the box I
have no idea what caused it.  (I do have the French keymap enabled but
rarely use it.  I've hunted through the Preferences panes looking for
anything set to French, and come up with nothing.)  So the problems
are exclusive to Word, although I never pretended that my problems are
common.  What seems common is that almost everyone has some stupid
problem with Word that they can't figure out, which is what I was
trying to get at.


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