[XeTeX] xdv to rtf, docx, or OpenOffice?

Tara Andrews chrysaphi at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 01:46:29 CET 2009


I'm sure this must have come up before but I can't find anything in
the archives.

I have at this point used XeLaTeX very happily for two theses and for
critical edition typesetting in Armenian; now I am submitting various
things to journals and finding that my non-use of Word is a much
bigger problem in my field than I'd anticipated.  At the same time, I
really don't want to abandon TeX for Word, especially given the dodgy
support of the latter for many Armenian fonts and for the weird
transcription system that we use in the field.

What I really need is a way to convert my articles to .doc format, and
to preserve the footnotes.  I know there are various solutions for
straight LaTeX; does anything similar exist for XeLaTeX?  How
difficult would it be for such a thing to be created?


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