[XeTeX] Problem getting ffi ligature

Dr J.D. Billett jdb43 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Jun 26 18:25:43 CEST 2009

> Peter Baker wrote:
> In FontForge, load TeX Gyre Termes-Regular (later do the same for the
> other font faces). Select Element-Font Info, and from the box that  
> pops
> up choose Lookups. The problem is that the f f ? f_f ligature is table
> 9, while the f f i ? f_f_i is in table 10. The least intensive way to
> sort this out is to create f_f i ? f_f_i in either table, at the  
> bottom
> of the table. To do this, click Edit Data and then New, then type  
> in the
> two halves of the ligature equation. OK to both boxes, then  
> Generate Fonts.

I've obviously made a mess of this, as now xelatex is typesetting the  
whole book in bfseries!  GUST wrote back and said the problem is with  
the developers.  I'll just have to hope for the best, I guess.


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