[XeTeX] breqn + fontspec

Arno Trautmann Arno.Trautmann at gmx.de
Fri Jun 26 00:26:24 CEST 2009

Hi Nicolas!

Nicolas Vaughan wrote:
> That's because breqn calls flexisym, which in turn defines some symbols that
> fontspec also defines.

Yes, so far I understood and tried to hack it a bit. Before trying a
neat solution, I tried something like


but that did not work. Can you explain, why? Still TeX complained that
theese commands were already \defd.

> This incompatibilty with "font" packages is explained
> in the breqn manual. There it says that if you're using cm fonts, mathpazo
> (Palatino) or mathptmx (Times), there's a escape route withing flexisym to
> avoid clashes. And it adds:

Ok, I didn’t read carefully …

> If you find that
>> a particular math font package doesn't work then please see implementation
>> in
>> flexisym.dtx for how to create a support file --- it is easier than one
>> might think. Contributions welcome.

Thank you very much for the explanation!

> So you may fiddle a little with flexisym, as the manual suggests, or else
> use other methods of breaking equations. How about manually? That's how I
> do. ;>

Well, that didn’t look too good … so I wanted to give breqn a try.

> However, If you create a .sym file to patch flexisym (as flexisym.dtx
> describes), please do share your solution.

Allright, I’ll try that and post a result.


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