[XeTeX] Problem getting ffi ligature

Pander pander at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Jun 24 18:29:12 CEST 2009

works for me:

\fontspec{TeX Gyre
ff ffi ffl fi fk fl ij

Peter Baker wrote:
> This is a font design issue. The OpenType feature set in TeX Gyre Termes
> orders the "f f"-->f_f lookup before the "f f i"-->f_f_i lookup, with
> the result that the latter never gets invoked. It should be the other
> way around, or it should look for "f_f i" instead of "f f i". You could
> report this to the developer(s) as a bug and hope for a fix, or you
> could get a copy of FontForge and fix it yourself.
> Peter
> Dr J.D. Billett wrote:
>> I've been trying to use TeX Gyre Termes as a Times New Roman
>> substitute in typesetting a book with XeLaTeX (I've finally got the
>> darned thing to compile after wading through a lot of errors that
>> weren't a problem under pdflatex).  I am having trouble persuading
>> XeLaTeX to give me the "ffi" ligature.  I am certain that it exists in
>> Termes (at least, it's visible in Font Book).  But in its place I get
>> an ff ligature followed by a regular i, as in the following minimal
>> example:
>> \documentclass[11pt]{memoir}
>> \usepackage{fontspec}
>> \setmainfont[Mapping=tex-text,Ligatures={Common}]{TeX Gyre Termes}
>> \begin{document}
>> \noindent fi fl ff ffi \\
>> \textit{fi fl ff ffi}
>> \end{document}
>> Suggestions for how to fix this would be most welcome.  My book makes
>> constant reference to the "divine oFFIce", so this is important!
>> Jesse Billett

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