[XeTeX] unicode-math package and \UnicodeMathSymbol command

Nicolas Vaughan nivaca at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 23:51:47 CEST 2009

Can you send a minimal example/

On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 4:37 PM, Ed Morehouse <emorehouse at wesleyan.edu>wrote:

> thanks, joel, for the reply.  i've been doing some testing and the
> situation
> seems more complicated than i realized.  to answer your questions:
> * i am not getting any error messages about \UnicodeMathSymbol being
> undefined.
> * wrapping the math symbol declarations in "\makeatletter" ...
> "\makeatother"
> does not have any noticable effect.
> * adding "\let\UnicodeMathSymbol\um <at> mathsymbol <at> noparse" causes
> the
> error, "Missing begin{document}".
> * it is not quite correct for me to have said that adding these
> declarations
> locally to the preamble of a document has no effect:  a local declaration
> for
> inverted exclamation mark causes the glyph for that character to be drawn,
> whereas without it, no glyph is drawn.  however, these local declarations
> do not
> seem to be correctly setting the character class. for example, my local
> declaration of vertical bar does not result in relation symbol spacing for
> that
> character. (this is most mysterious to me)
> * it's true that i could modify the unicode-math package to look for a
> local
> file with my declarations, which is what i have done for the time being,
> but the
> problem with this approach is that depending on the subject matter, the
> same
> symbol can have different meanings.  for example, in set theory, "⊃" is
> often
> taken to mean "superset", which is a relation (\mathrel); whereas  in
> logic, it
> is sometimes used for "implies", which is a binary operator on logical
> formulas
> (\mathbin).  having unicode-math consult a local file for math symbol
> declarations means that each time i typeset a document, i have to fiddle
> with
> that file to set the right character classes (or re-edit unicode-math to
> look
> for a different file), and it also means that i can't use the same symbol
> in
> different character classes within the same document (admittedly, generally
> a
> bad idea but sometimes unavoidable).
> anyway, i appreciate you taking the time to try to help and i second your
> expression of appreciation to will.  being able to type "α → β" is *so*
> much
> nicer than "\alpha \rightarrow \beta".  i hope that someday something like
> unicode-math makes its way into xetex proper.
> -ed morehouse
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