[XeTeX] unicode-math package and \UnicodeMathSymbol command

Nicolas Vaughan nivaca at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 18:48:39 CEST 2009

Hi to all,
I haven't been able to find information on the unicode-math package.
What's it for exactly?
Nicolas Vaughan

On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 2:05 AM, Joel C. Salomon <joelcsalomon at gmail.com>wrote:

> Ed Morehouse wrote:
> > i'm using the unicode-math package (2008/08/27 v0.3b) (which is really
> > fantastic, by the way) with the xetex from texlive 2008, and having some
> trouble
> > (re)declaring unicode math symbols.  for example, at the moment i would
> like to
> > use the vertical bar as a relation symbol and inverted exclamation mark
> as an
> > ordinary symbol.  but adding:
> >
> >   \UnicodeMathSymbol{"0007C}{\vert}{\mathrel}{vertical bar}
> >   \UnicodeMathSymbol{"000A1}{\invexclam}{\mathord}{inverted exclamation
> mark}
> >
> > to the end of my preamble doesn't have any effect.
> Is it having no effect at all, or are you getting an error message about
>  \UnicodeMathSymbol being undefined?
> If it’s the latter, try:
> \makeatletter
>        \let\UnicodeMathSymbol\um at mathsymbol@noparse
>         \UnicodeMathSymbol{"0007C}{\vert}{\mathrel}{vertical bar}
>> \makeatother
> (Or maybe the \let\UnicodeMathSymbol\… is not needed?  Must test.)
> When unicode-math.sty calls in unicode-math.tex and
> unicode-math-add.tex, the \input command is wrapped in a \makeatletter
> \makeatother, and \UnicodeMathSymbol has been defined as above.
> > but what i would like is a way to make these declarations local to a
> document,
> > or better yet abstract them in a package, without editing the
> unicode-math
> > package itself.  any ideas?
> Or, taking the lead from some other packages I’ve seen, unicode-math
> could look for a local file unicode-math.cfg that holds commands like
> \UnicodeMathSymbol{"0007C}{\vert}{\mathrel}{vertical bar} &c.
> (Can somebody get Will his magnetically-suspended table, so that he’ll
> have time to work on Important Stuff like unicode-math, so that I can
> work on my rocket lander? ☺
> (Seriously, though, I want to thank Will for all the time he’s taken
> from his thesis work to help make things work.  Being in middle of a
> thesis myself, I know how irritating such myriad little distractions can
> be.  Beer’s on me if we ever meet up.)
> —Joel Salomon
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